Three Songs in Fifteen Minutes

My favourite song of all time is Somewhere Over The Rainbow. What is it about that song that I love so much? It’s sad and hopeful at the same time. As a young girl I adored Judy Garland. I watched movies of her and Mickey Rooney, on Saturdays at my grandma’s house. I wanted to be her, to sing like her, to be famous. She was perfect to me.

If I hear that song now, it takes me back to that time when grandma was still alive and the house was still standing. A time of innocence and dreams and hope.

My second song would have to be You Are My Sunshine. I sang this song to my kids, mostly the youngest and she loved it when I sang to her. As she got older, she would sing along. I always meant to record her tiny, whispery voice. She sang with such solemnity, eyes wide. This song is about a man pining for his lady but I sang it because my children are my sunshine.

These two songs made me feel melancholy. They are filled with such longing and emotion.

My third song is Someone That I Used To Know, I don’t know if that’s the correct title but this is one of the songs that was popular when my marriage ended. When I hear it know it takes me right back to that time of darkness. It seemed such an appropriate song since my ex-husband, after 19 years of marriage, and three children, refused to acknowledge my existence unless he absolutely had to. In our case the title should have been Someone That I Never Knew.

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