Pat the Character: A Character Study

MaxineThe cruise is in November and my roommate is a woman I don’t know. Frieda is our mutual friend and the one to invite me on the cruise. It’s her idea that we meet, to see if we click. We meet at Seaway Mall’s food court for a coffee.

There are people you meet and like immediately. Pat is like that. Her smile is warm and friendly, her eye’s twinkle suggesting she likes to have fun. She doesn’t miss anything, storing what she sees in that sharp mind of hers.

Pat and I swap funny stories about Frieda, all three of us breaking out in laughter. We talk about our habits; I make funny noises in my sleep, so does she. We both need down time to recharge, we’re sound sleepers, and we don’t want a clingy roommate. We’re both easy-going and enjoy a good laugh. We will get along just fine.

Pat is a mother and grandmother, who I suspect gets in trouble for acting mischievously. I can’t help but think that her family adore her and enjoy her crazy antics.  She’s had a lifetime of responsibility and hard work, raising her family and caring for animals on her farm. Married and widowed twice, she now lives alone and likes it that way. It’s her time now, no worries or attachments tying her down.

Time spent with Frieda and Pat is comfortable and fun. Two Christian women filled with God’s love and a joy for life that is contagious. I can’t wait for November.

This cruise will be one fun water ride!

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