Young Love







Dancing on the breeze, the letter dipped and twirled until it landed in front of me.


“Will you go to prom with me?” the loopy scrawl asked. “I have loved you since kindergarten.”


Sam watched for Matt, hoping he would ask her to the prom, but Matt passed her lost in his thoughts.

“Ask her!” I whispered to the letter, as if saying it would make it happen.

Matt paused in the hallway, took a breath and turned around to see Sam walking his way,

“Hey, Sam!” Matt said, “I have something to ask you.”

Sam smiled.



5 thoughts on “Young Love

  1. I was able to follow however Sam is confusing since it can be seen as girl/guys name. So it is a little confusing as to know whether or not this is two guys going talking about prom, or normal girl/guy. I took it as the normal since I have a friend named Samantha and we call her Sam all the time. Good luck.


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