I’m Back!

I haven’t written anything since August. I took a break unsure if I would write again.

All of us have moments when fear and self-doubt take over, leaving us paralyzed. Anyone with an anxiety disorder know what I’m talking about. The overly anxious live a life based in fear.

My goal is to write something everyday even if it’s only a line or two.

It’s thrilling to receive a nomination for the One Lovely Blog award!

Thank you Mazie Bones @ TheseLittlePieces for thinking of me. I’m touched by your nomination.

Being nominated means thanking the one who nominated you, list 7 facts about yourself, and nominate fellow bloggers.

I recommend you check out TheseLittlePieces by the talented Ms. Mazie Bones! She is a cheery, whimsical, free spirit with a big heart. She writes poetry, plays a guitar, sings, and writes for NiagaraNews. Thank you Mazie!

Seven Facts about Me

  1. I’m the proud mum of 3 grown children, and 4 furry ones.
  2. My goal is live a full life centred around the two most important commandments Jesus gave us: to love God with all of my mind, body, soul, and to love everyone else as much as I love myself.
  3. I enjoy knitting, crocheting, and quilting.
  4. Next spring I plan to buy a bike and do some serious biking. It’s a healthy way to exercise, and the results are fabulous. Have you seen a bicyclist’s body?
  5. I discovered I love painting, repairing, and maintaining my home. My washing machine stopped working so I’m looking forward to fixing it.
  6. I will write a book. I’ve said this for years now, but I am going to do it!
  7. After almost 10 years without my parents, I still miss them.

And the nominees are…

The Deep End of the Puddle
Desert Rose in Bloom

Being back feels great!

5 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Hi Jane E, I was just nominating you for the Really Neat Blog Award on my http://www.quirkybooks.wordpress.com blog post and I noticed that you have given me a One Lovely Blog Award and I never realised, thank you so much. That’s ‘lovely’ of you. I am mega behind with my award nominations – A year. Glad to have you back, I checked before and wondered what had happened to you. Just to let you know, if you hyperlink your nominees, they will sometimes get a message to say they have been nominated, otherwise it’s a case of telling them, which some bloggers just don’t have time to do, because it is very time consuming. Thanks so much again for the award. If you need to know how to put a blog award on your blog, I wrote an article about it on my blog, and there should be a page link to it, in the form of a tab in my menu above my header.


    • Thank you, Sandra! After I wrote, “I’m Back!”, I stopped writing. I’m seriously stuck.
      Thanks for the nomination, it means a lot to me. I feel encouraged. I just don’t know what direction I want to go in. I care too much about what other people think so I hold back.
      I did try to post my awards, but I was running in circles, so I gave up.
      Nice to hear from you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • If you care too much about what others think, that is precisely what’s holding you back and why you are stuck. Imagine being physically restrained – Is what is happening to your mind. I have decided from early next year, I am going to completely run with my embrace your quirky philosophy to help others via my http://www.youtube.com/user/quirkybooksTV channel. It’s up to you if you would like to subscribe, I do think it will help you. I want to help lots of others to embrace their quirky. I want to break down stereotypes that hold people back and put a quirky, sometimes controversial slant on things. I use this philosophy of mine, every day inmy life and my businesses, it’s what I created naturally to free myself from depression and now I feel I am ready to share it with the world. I guess some things from it, are in my Break through the barriers of redundancy book, that I finished writing several months ago and have yet to publish. I intend to write more books, and include at least one about my embrace your quirky philosophy. I have a few more fun videos to share over the Christmas and New Year period and then it’s full steam ahead. I will be talking to camera and wanting a lot of feedback and interaction on how I can help, and what others think. I believe it will be good and I hope you find it useful. I now own http://www.embraceyourquirky.com and http://www.worldofquirky.com too, and know that my mission is to help people develop both personally and professionally using my embrace your quirky methods. I really hope that in time, you will feel like the world is your oyster. That the negative people in your life, will have to stop being so, or you will go from them. That people will stop trying to institutionalise you, and that you will achieve even more greatness in your life. Keep blogging and pushing through your fears. Keep believing in you and keep in touch xx


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