Writing 101, Day Six – A Character-Building Study

She is undeniable. Her presence is larger than life, and she works with determination to get what she wants. Like a bull, she plows through a crowd to get to her destination. Her behavior is downright rude, but few seem offended.

Her eyes are warm and friendly, pools of melted milk chocolate. When she looks at me, I feel her looking into my soul and the goodness she sees there reflects in her eyes. There is love, forgiveness and acceptance in those warm, dark orbs.

A touchy-feely sort, she seems oblivious to boundaries, and surprisingly, strangers enjoy her friendly, gregarious nature. Often impatient, she barks orders, pacing as she waits to get going. Life is short and she wants to pack in as much living as possible.

There are times when she gets on my nerves, and I let her know how I feel, bu I almost always regret it. She becomes quiet and the hurt in her eyes breaks my heart. Those beautiful, soulful eyes looking out from the depths of sadness. I want more than anything to cheer her up.

She is family to me, my dearest friend and companion. Her name is Missy and she is my dog.



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