The Perverted Reaction of Christians to Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn JennerHey, can we talk?

I’m trying to understand why Christians are so opposed to Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner.

A lot of Christians think it’s an abomination, a perversion on an epic scale. I don’t understand why. The posts on Facebook talk about those people, and their kind, staying away from us and ours. You would almost think it’s catching. Maybe, people from the transgender community will rob our children of their innocence or give them perverted ideas.

Don’t Christians know that you can’t catch it? It’s not a perversion, it’s a sad biological mix-up of sexes, that happens long before birth.

Imagine for a minute that you are trapped in a body of the opposite sex. For Bruce, or rather Caitlyn, that means a lifetime of knowing you are a female while the world sees you as a man, and treats you like a man. I can’t imagine how horrifying it is to feel this way.

The very essence of your soul screams for recognition of who you are on the inside. People make comments about Caitlyn being a man who will now use the woman’s washroom, but Caitlyn was always a woman. She doesn’t know how to think like a man, and she certainly doesn’t know how to think like a pedophile. If she does, that’s another issue entirely. She has spent her whole life knowing she belongs in the woman’s washroom, but unable to use it, because she was born the wrong gender on the outside.

Caitlyn’s decision to match her outside to her inside didn’t come easily. The hormone therapy, the surgeries, and the transition period would take a toll on her mental and physical fortitude. Only someone who truly knows who they are would make this change. This is not a choice that anyone would make just so they could wear dresses and prey on young girls in the woman’s bathroom.

For a man to become a woman, surgeons must split his penis in half, invert it and create a vagina.

There will be the argument that God doesn’t make mistakes, but we don’t live in a perfect world, and sometimes life goes off the rails. Mothers give birth to still-born babies, babies with diseases and congenital defects. It happens all the time. So why is it such a stretch to believe that a child could be born in the wrong body?

 Being born the wrong sex in the wrong body, is not a perversion.

The perversion is our reaction to it.

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