The Face of Illusion

Sad Clown.jpg

Sometimes life seems like an illusion. We move through life caught up in our own troubles to pay much attention to the world around us. Nobody wants to see your pain. Some people mask their pain so well that only the most observant onlooker can see the truth.

This reminds me of a friend I made in grade 9. I thought she was the funniest person I had ever met. She was a big fan of Saturday Night Live so her jokes usually revolved around the characters on the show. She was a walking stand-up comedian. Hysterical.

The first time she met my family she was subdued but still funny. She had everyone in my family laughing.

After she went home I asked my dad what he thought of her and this was his response.

“I think she’s like a clown. Smiling on the outside and crying on inside.”

I was shocked by my dad’s assessment because I’d never in the time I’d spent with her seen anything to suggest she might be unhappy. The next time I saw her I told her what my dad said. She gave me a thin smile and I could see she was touched by my dad’s comment. She didn’t say anything she just walked away.

It wasn’t her that I knew it was her illusion.


6 thoughts on “The Face of Illusion

  1. That is a sad story to hear…..I wish you brighter days ahead. Jane all people have difficulties at different times in different shapes and sizes. Remember don’t judge. People do the best they can.

    Wainfleet and its isolation may not be in your best interest …I see a completely different you since your move…think deeply.

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  2. There are many “clowns” out there for sure. Ever notice how many well-known comedians complain of growing up with depression or have various types of mental illness? They cope with it by using humour”..


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