30 ways the Canadian government failed Omar Khadr

When we deny just one person their rights and freedoms as a Canadian citizen we are all in danger of losing our rights and freedoms.


As a start of 2017 Free Omar would like to refresh your memory on the following facts. This article is written by Free Omar member and writer Kathleen Copps – for Recoched -in honor of Omar’s 30th birthday (September 19, 2016).

Omar Khadr turns 30 years old today. Released on bail in May 2015, he still faces limitations to his freedom and legal challenges ahead. Canadians must not be complacent about our obligation to him. For 14 years, we allowed grave violations of his fundamental rights, including torture and abuse when he was a child. Our individual liberties and equality before the law depend on the universal enforcement of rights, and remedy for rights that have been violated. On Omar’s 30th birthday, we must acknowledge all the ways Canada failed him.
  1. The Canadian government denied Omar the right to due process, freedom from arbitrary detention, presumption of innocence, the right to…

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2 thoughts on “30 ways the Canadian government failed Omar Khadr

  1. He and his family were welcomed into Canada that is based on freedom, respect, honour and peace with each other and our world neighbours.. He and his father went and trained to commit heinous murders and his family here in Canada knew exactly what he a 15 yr old child and his father where doing!!!!!!! Shame shame


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