Daily Prompt: Edible – To Eat or Not

Death Caps.jpg

It’s quiet and cool in the woods. Sunlight filters through the leafy canopy while we tread carefully on dead leaves and pine needles. It’s peaceful here. The stillness is calming and the beauty of our surroundings warms my soul.

I feel like a child on a treasure hunt. Michael is an experienced mushroom hunter taking me out for the first time. He finds them easily and educates me on the type of mushroom and if they’re edible or not. At first, I have a hard time finding them but once I do I start to see them everywhere.

“Hey! I think I found button mushrooms!”

Those are not button mushrooms.”

“They look like button mushrooms”

They’re called death caps and if you eat them they will kill you.”




2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Edible – To Eat or Not

  1. I would never take a chance without consulting an expert. Michael, my mushroom guide, is knowledgeable but if he has any doubts at all he won’t touch it. I love the old adage, ‘better safe than sorry.’


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