Daily Prompt: Traditional

Delicious Dutch Chocolate Letters

Chocolate letters are a traditional gift for Christmas. Every year I counted on receiving a box with my initial. A little bit of chocolatey goodness on Christmas morning.

When I married we kept some traditions from both sides of the family and created some of our own. Giving my children a chocolate letter had more to do with the nostalgia I felt rather than their enjoyment of receiving a letter.

When my marriage ended there were a lot of changes, but the gift of a chocolate letter continued. It was a link to my past and a link to my children’s childhood.

A couple of years ago I picked up letters for my kids around the end of November. They sell quickly. If you don’t want to settle for an alternate initial you have to buy them early. The problem with buying them early is that chocolate in the house is so tempting.

I bought 6 letters that year. One for each of my 3 kids, myself, and two of my kids’ dates. Over the next week, I ate them all! I went out and bought 6 more and then proceeded to eat all of them again. What can I tell you? I’m weak.

By the third week, some of the letters were sold out. I was fortunate that all the letters I needed were still available. I put away the two for the girlfriend and boyfriend because I wanted to make a good impression. My kids are used to me being okay with ‘good enough’. If their letter isn’t available I go with the initial of their last name, middle name or in times of desperation anything.

With the girlfriend and boyfriend’s letters hidden away, I only had 4 letters that week. I had to buy 3 more letters and two of them were last name initials. My chocolate letter binge was over.

Ironically, I forgot to give my kids their letters and ended up eating them after Christmas.  I continued buying letters until February as the less common initials didn’t sell. It took me that long to stop my chocolate letter obsession.

It seems that it’s also traditional for me to gain weight at Christmastime.


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