Unconditional Love or…





Is there any greater friend than a dog?

He looks up earnestly, his eyes telling me of his unconditional love and deep devotion. Or maybe his eyes are just trying to tell me he wants to go outside and pee.

My Melancholy Joy

Autumn Trees.jpg

A Perfect Autumn Day

Fallen leaves blanket the earth with a quilt of colour; rich reds, warm oranges, and bright yellows. Softly, they crunch underfoot, releasing an earthy scent that gently wafts in the chilled air.

Wagon rides to the orchard to pick crisp, juicy apples and a pumpkin or two.  And then a stop at the bakery, warm and toasty, filled with the aroma of freshly baked goodies. A mouth-watering medley of apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar and the spicy fragrance of cider.

Corn mazes at dusk. Dressed in cosy sweaters, scarves, and mittens, our flashlights in hand to see in the looming darkness. Hoots of laughter as we scare each other. Cold and tired from our exertions we make our way to the exit. Hot chocolate awaits to warm cold hands. Heat rising to caress our red noses. Life is good under a starry, Fall sky.

Home to sit by a crackling fire wrapped in soft blankets. A shiver as the fire warms cold bones and a drowsy stupor overcomes all senses. Safely tucked up while the cold is banished to the dark outside. Feeling grateful and a little melancholy on a perfect Autumn evening.





Mouse eating Crumbs.jpg

Settling for crumbs will only leave you wanting;




and attention.

A crumb is the promise of something more that will never come.

Don’t settle.

You are not a mouse!

When You Need to Know You Matter

You is kind, you is smart, you is important

The moment when your friend says something that makes you feel like you really, really matter. That’s the moment you know you’ll make it through the storm.



Simple Pleasures


 Quiet of the Forest,

Sun-dappled Trees,

Rippling  Stream,

Cooling Breeze,

Delicious Food,

Companionable Silence,

My Soul Restored.