Monsters in the Shadows

A tiny ray of light pierces the darkness and with it a flicker of a thought, an idea, a plan.

As the light grows stronger the monsters in the shadows shift and change. They flit about seeking a darker place to hide. They shrink from the light. They writhe and burn.

The horror in the dark can so easily be ignored when cloaked in darkness, but it is light that brings the beasties into focus. They claw and skitter farther into the shadows. The monsters are not a surprise.  Their presence can be felt long before the light begins to shine.

Under the cover of denial, the monsters become bolder rearing their ugly faces to lash out. Hatred, anger, and rage spew from their mouths. They long to drag everyone down into the darkness with them.

Everyone has a monster or two in their closet. The mistake we make is trying to fight someone else’s monsters when the only beasties we can slay are our own.

And so there is a flicker of a thought, an idea, a plan…

Daily Prompt: Glaring – The End of Love

He stood there glaring: narrowed eyes, set jaw, thin lips.

“You better think about what you’re doing before you leave.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“I’m telling you to think about what you’re doing.”

She paused, thinking of something to say. And then she turned and walked away.