Daily Prompt: Fragrance


At the back door

beside the stoop

an old lilac bush grew

Spring fragrance

Memories of Grandma

Forever remembered

Meddlesome Family


Gladys Kravitz

Gladys Kravitz – Quintessential Meddler

My grandmother was a lovely woman. Unlike Gladys Kravitz, she wouldn’t meddle in anyone’s life to save her soul. She didn’t gossip and I never heard her say anything bad about anyone, except for Grandpa, and it was muttered under her breath.

Grandpa had a sister who would come and stay for a few days every now and then. She was a single woman and always had been. I’m sure Mr. Kravitz wished that Mrs. Kravitz was single many times.

When Grandpa’s sister came to stay she took it upon herself to rearrange the furniture in the living room. I’m guessing she felt she knew better than my Grandma. Grandma never said a word. She let her sister-in-law meddle the entire time she visited.

When the dreaded visit came to an end and Grandma bid her sister-in-law goodbye she headed back into the house and proceeded to rearrange the furniture again.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from my Grandma it’s that sometimes we don’t need to say anything. When people meddle in our lives we can smile and agree and then do what we feel is best for us.

Grandma was in her own quiet way a wise woman with gumption. And that’s not something we can say about Gladys Kravitz.