Word Prompt: Dormant Seeds of a Writer


The desire to write, like a dormant seed, waiting for me to water it with confidence and courage. For too long I would not write, I could not write. Like a seed that struggles to reach the surface, I feel the pull to put words to paper.

With each post, my confidence and courage grow. The seed splits and I feel myself stretch up and out like a plant breaking the soil to feel the sun. No longer dormant, I am free to express myself without fear.

Still tender, I will nourish my craft and protect my sensitive feelings until I can stand alone unafraid of criticism.

There is no turning back.

Word Prompt – Bury

A Mexican Proverb Speaks Truth

They tried to Bury Us.jpg

This proverb speaks to the resolve of the Mexican people. Oppression can’t control them, hatred won’t stop them and a wall will never contain them.

Bury them and they will return stronger than ever.

The people of Mexico have a rich cultural and social heritage. Kindness and courage are the hallmark of a true Mexican. It is these attributes that have made the country what it is today. A courageous spirit pushed Mexicans to fight for their independence and a kind heart has allowed the natives to incorporate other communities into the country’s meshwork.