Daily Prompt: Unfurl

Unfurl Our Flag

Where freedom reigns,

diversity is celebrated,

and all mankind are equal.

Where the sick have health care,

the poor receive a helping hand,

and refugees find sanctuary.

Where tolerance is expected,

dreams are encouraged, 

and all live in peace.



Summer Colds

On the off chance that some of you enjoy summer colds I just have to say:

I Hates Summer Colds

Coughing, hacking, and wheezing

Sniffling, snorting, and gasping

I struggle to breathe through my nose

I struggle to breathe at all!

Aching head, shivers and sweating

Woozy, my snotty nose leaking

I struggle to keep my eyes open

I struggle to keep myself awake!

Fevered dreams while sleeping

Groggy and grumpy on waking

I struggle to find my bearings

I struggle to care at all!