Daily Prompt: Moxie – Omar Khadr has It


The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage

Omar Khadr Today.jpg

Omar Khadr has certainly faced his share of horrors with spirit and courage. A child soldier, Omar fought against Canadian and American soldiers on Afghan soil. Indoctrinated by his father an al-Qaeda operative, Omar was trained as a young child to fight his father’s cause.

During the fighting, a grenade exploded and Omar was seriously wounded. When American soldiers found him he had a wound in one eye from shrapnel and two gunshot wounds to his back. He begged soldiers to kill him.

At first, it was thought that the grenade was thrown by an American. But early on the focus turned to Omar. There has never been proof that Omar was the one to throw the grenade.  He was taken to Guantanamo Bay and spent 10 years tortured and neglected by his captors. The Canadian government refused to come to his aid.

Only when there was hope that he might be returned to Canada did Omar confess. His confession was part of a plea-bargain so that he could finish out his sentence in Canada.

With all that Omar has endured he is not bitter, angry or hateful. He is a soft-spoken man looking to put his past behind him and start a new life. He is looking to the future. He wants to become a nurse so he can help people and become a productive member of society.

Omar received a 10.5 million dollar settlement and an apology from the Canadian government for the violation of his rights and freedoms.

Omar has moxie and I wish him a wonderful life. One he rightly deserves.

Go in peace, Omar.