Pear Blossoms in the Spring


I remember Erion Road in the spring. Pear trees lined the road covered in snow-white blossoms leading the way home. When the wind blew, the blossoms dropped like confetti and the air was filled perfume.

So much has changed since this picture was taken. It was a different time. The road is still there but where there was once an orchid there is now a subdivision. My parents, grandparents, and all of my aunts and uncles were still alive. Only a few remain.

I lived a sheltered life, a simple life. A time before the loss of love and loved ones. Before boyfriends and adventures, marriage and children, mental illness and divorce. So many memories both wonderful and sad.

I wish I could travel down this road again and visit my old life just for a day. Savour time with my family, walk through rows of grapes, and follow the creek as it cut through the gully.  Lay in the hayfield and daydream.

My memories allow me to travel back in time to my life on the farm. To days of simple pleasures and the beauty of nature. A tree-lined road in springtime and blossoms. Beautiful, fragrant blossoms.

Welcome Spring!

Crocuses Waking up after hibernating all winter; I feel the warmth of spring’s sun on my face. The last of the snow  is melting into the soggy ground, or in my case, the fall leaves I didn’t bag. Naked after so many months  blanketed by snow, the leaves give off a pungent, earthy smell.

I’m reminded of the farm with its old, red barn. There’s nothing like a good barn smell, of weathered wood  and mouldering hay, of dark, musty corners and well-used machinery.

I rake up leaves and twigs into little piles to bag later. I might regret not bagging today but I just want to  rake. I rake, enjoying the feel of muscles in my arms and shoulders working rhythmically back and forth.

I wrestle with a trumpet vine, as big around as my wrist, a gnarled, overgrown stalk that needs pruning. I  make some progress but in the end the trumpet vine wins. I go back to raking.

Everywhere I look there are signs that spring is here. Plants are starting to poke their way out of the ground, robins are singing, and shrubs are beginning to bud.

After a long, cold winter, I welcome spring and all the beauty it brings. Life is good.


Spring is coming!

Today is the first day of Roll up the Rim at Tim Hortons, which means that Spring will be here soon!!